Daily Tools

iTrailers.info iTrailers - Up to date movie trailers database available at your fingertips. We've mashed up YouTube's API with Yahoo's data about movies to bring you the latest trailers straight to your clean and shiny iPhone screen. The neat part is that you can play them directly from our site using the build-in Youtube player.
100% made for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

Visit this WebApp: http://iTrailers.info
LocalGas - Searching for local energy and fuel prices online has never been easier. LocalGas.info provides up to the minute fuel prices from USA and Canada. You can compare the best rates for fuel any time of the day.
Visit this WebApp: http://LocalGas.info
3G/WIFI/EDGE SPEED TEST 3GSpeed - 3GSPEED.info will help you accurately test your connection speed at any time. An average connection speed will also be displayed after a couple of tests.
Visit this WebApp: http://3GSpeed.info